Creating an IAM for AWS

IAM account creating for aws-cli configuration.

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We have 2 types of account in AWS

  1. Root

Root is the main account to start anything or begin with aws you have to create a root account.

In the root account, IAM is one of the service of AWS.


  1. Login to your root account go to services.
Login using email and password

2. Now go to Services -> IAM in security.

Select IAM in services

3. Now go to users in the right sidebar and click add user.

4. Now in the screen give your IAM a name.

Here, we have 2 access types if you want to use cli then give Programmatic access and if you want that user to give access of this browser view also then click AWS Management Console access.

5. Now you have to select the powers of the IAM user typically called policies. Select Attach existing policies if you are a novice user.

If you want to give it access to all the powers then select AdministratorAccess. If you want to give it access to all services except IAM service then use PowerUserAccess.

6. Tags are optional.

7. Last Create a user and download the Credentials.

If you want to user browser or Webui of AWS then use username and password or if you want to use aws-cli use access key and secret key.

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